American Pravda: CNN Producer Says Russia Narrative “bullsh*t”

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63 Members of TN State House Release Statement Objecting to Nashville’s Proposed Sanctuary City Ordinance

It’s good to know that we still have conservatives in the TN General Assembly who take a stand. Source>>

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Malkin on the H1B Visa Problem

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Supreme Court Upholds Travell Ban

While I’m glad its now been confirmed that the President has the power to prohibit travel from specific countries in time of emergency, I am saddened that it took going to court for him to carry out his basic duties. Source>>

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DHS Kelly Betrays American Workers: Backs H-2B Visa Expansion

Is it time to replace DHS John Kelly? That may be how a lot of Trump’s supporters feel after he backed the expansion of the H-2B Visa program. Source>>

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Cruze on the Senate Healthcare Debate

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Karen Handel: ‘I Intend to Have the Last Laugh When I Win’

Republican congressional candidate Karen Handel told Breitbart News on Monday morning that she intends to overcome Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats, and liberal media bias, by winning the special election for Georgia’s 6th congressional district on Tuesday. More>>

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Conservatives in Georgia Need to Reaffirm Their Support for President Trump by Supporting Handel

According to the Washington Times Bikers for Trump are roaring into Georgia to show their support for Karen Handel ahead of tomorrow’s special election. Far more is at stake than just one House seat because the Democrats intend to make every special election a referendum on Trump. They hope to show that even Trump’s conservative base is turning against him. The people of Georgia need to send them a clear message tomorrow. “It’s not working.”



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Breitbart: A Year of Hate

The left has declared all-out war on conservatives. The tragic shooting of a US. Congressman and others at a Virginia ballpark this week is only one example. Sunday’s post on Breitbart goes through nine other examples. Source>>

Those outspoken conservatives should be careful not to let there location be visible to others.

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Never Trumper Rick Wilson: President’s Supporters Saw Shooting as “Grim Blessing”

GOP establishment consultant Rick Wilson, a “Never Trumper” who once said the donor class should “put a bullet in” Donald Trump, now believes supporters of the President saw the assassination attempt on Steve Scalise as a “blessing.” Source>>

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